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On the Art page you can find a series of paintings by Neil G Smith.  In the Art section you can also view my Arttoon Delightland Exhibition, you can also find a few early Arttoons too. These pictures vary in subject from my signature style Arttoon to Landscapes and Fine Art. 

Buy Original Art at the following Galleries,


McGregor Fine Art, Glasgow

Inverbeg Gallery, Inverbeg

The Wellington Gallery, Kilmarnock

Arttoon at Studio 5, East Kilbride

Scotland Artists, Bothwell




It's all about the Art....

The Black Book

My Arttoon Black Book.


Full Colour Art Book with a selection of work from 2013-14. Also includes a Classic section with a few of my older pieces.

If you would like a signed Limited Edition copy just let me know.

Contact me either by email neil@arttoon.co.uk or give me a call on 07910 382607. Or click the buy now button.



Art by Neil G Smith



The Folio Page is my Gallery and features some of my pictures for my "Road Trip" Exhibition.


This "Road Trip" show will feature paintings inspired by my travels up and down the UK as a Cartoon and Caricature Artist. However the show will feature our ever changing Landscapes and Seascapes.

All pictures will be available as prints prior to my show.


Hand Drawn Cartoons


Full colour illustration ideal for a quick solution. Each drawing will be unique and will feature up to 3 people.

Cartoons and Caricatures

Digital Art


A full colour illustration ideal for taking your Illustration to print. All Digital Art will be supplied in USB Pen Drive and Printed Copy.


Icons and Commisssions


Using tried and tested techniques I will scale any photograph and then render beautifully in full colour in Acrylic Paint. To finish your piece we can then Frame for the perfect presentation.


Water Colours

One of my favourite mediums to paint with and one which you can have in your pocket and start painting pretty much anywhere.

The piece featured in the picture is Padstow. A location frequently visited!


Art Murals



Get in touch if you have a spare wall which needs a Splash of colour. Murals can be painted off site and then installed. Deliver to any location in the UK.


Picture in Photograph called "Standing Guard" approximate size 3m x 2m.

With all the different Murals commissioned over the last few years the Mural Section now has it's own Tab.

Cartoons and Caricatures

Hand Painted Cartoons


Have your own unique hand painted Cartoon or Caricature created for a special occasion. Each Painting can have a theme with up to 6 people included in the picture.

Inverbeg Gallery

The Wellington Gallery

Arttoon at Studio 5

Scotland Artists

McGregor Fine Art


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07910 382607



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