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As an Art Tutor I run 5 Classes in South Lanarkshire. My first group is Art Assembly who are a thriving group of 14 Artists who have one common interest, Art. Established and run by myself in September 2010 the group have hosted a series of different Exhibitions in and around our home town of East Kilbride.


We have a large following on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheVillageArtAssembly and the group were delighted to welcome members from Clydebank, Hamilton, Darvel, Stonehouse and Wishaw.


The Art Assembly are looking forward to our 5th Annual Exhibition in 2015.



Aswell as the Art Assembly I currently run and organise 4 General Art Classes at East Kilbride Art Centre. These are 3 Adult Classes and 1 Teen Art Class. Each group has 12 local Artists of varying skill.


During the year the classes have 3 Sessions. The content of each Session is decided and conceived by myself. We work with a variety of media including Water Colour, Acrylic Painting, Landscape Art, Portraits and Caricatures. We also look at Special Projects, and during 2014 I designed a mural to celebrate Glasgow Commonwealth Games. The Classes also worked on a project to commemorate the First World War which will be in show during November 2014. I also control a budget for materials for each class and order supplies.

The Art Assembly

A Talented Group of Artists


One of the proud Artists from The Art Assembly with one of his prised possesions.


View more Artwork in The Art Assembly page.


Winter Session Jan-Mar 2015

Spring Session Apr-June2015

No Classes July

Summer Session Aug-Sept 2015

Autumn Session Oct-Nov 2015

No Classes Dec


New Session structure for 2015. If you would like to join the Class for any Session or just drop in and try, you can give me a call Neil on 07910 382607 or email me at neil@arttoon.co.uk.

East Kilbride Art Centre

Adult and Teen Art Classes


Follow the Public Art Projects the Art Classes produced during 2014.


PopUp Art Exhibition

The Commonwealth Games Challenge

Remembrance Exhibition


Click on the Link to view the individual page.


Winter Session

10 Weeks


Week 1-5

Landscape Art looking at Sketching with paint, using Glazing Light and Dark, Finishing and Detail.


Week 6-10

Animal Portraits with a twist.

Commonwealth Games 2014

East Kilbride Art Centre



For General Enquiries and Information

Phone Neil G Smith

07910 382607



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