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Artwork description


This vibrant and colourful picture of Loudoun Hill would compliment any interior.

The Edinburgh - Kilmarnock road passes by the base of the Loudoun Hill and the route follows a Roman road which links the Clyde Valley with the Ayrshire coast. Loudoun Hill's position at the highest point on this route gives it huge strategic significance. The hill stands above moorland, and commands 360 degree views. On clear days the coast, 40 km away, and the Isle of Arran beyond, are visible.

According to Blind Harry's epic poem The Wallace, Sir William Wallace ambushed and defeated an English force at Loudoun Hill in 1296, during the Wars of Scottish Independence.

Maps of the area name a mound to the east of Loudoun Hill as 'Wallace's Grave'. Traditionally this is the burial site of the English dead, rather than Wallace's own grave. On the slope opposite the mound is a monument to Wallace called the 'Spirit of Scotland'.


Materials used


Acrylic paint was used to create this piece

Size: 23.62 x 19.69 x 0.79 in (unframed)

Loudoun Hill