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The Torrent de Pareis is a torrent that crosses the Sierra de Tramuntana. It is born in a place called s’Entreforc, where the streams of Sa Fosca and Lluc (or Albarca) meet, flowing out next to Sa Calobra, where it forms a cove between two imposing cliffs.

At its mouth, a beach of coarse sand, gravel and pebbles forms about 25 m in length  and a variable width of around 200 m, which depends on the water supply of the stream and the surf.


The cove is shaped like a gigantic natural amphitheater, with the slope of Puig Major in the background, where the torrent appears. In fact, in July of each year, this majestic natural setting is used to hold an outdoor concert. The limestone walls that surround it provide acoustics that enhance the voices of the choirs and instruments that sound between them.


In 2003 it was declared a Natural Monument for its scenic value, but also for its natural importance. Here lives the ferreret, a small amphibian also called the Balearic toad and endemic to Mallorca.




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Framed Dimensions 32x23"


Torrent de Pareis

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