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Water Colour

Creating paintings on location is a truly immersive and artistic endeavour

Creating watercolour paintings on location is a beautiful and immersive way to capture the essence and atmosphere of a place. The spontaneity and freshness of plein air painting often result in unique and charming artworks. If you're interested in commissioning a watercolour painting of your favourite location, I would be delighted to bring your vision to life.


Whether it's a scenic landscape, a charming cityscape, a beloved vacation spot, or any place that holds special meaning for you, I'll work closely with you to understand your preferences and ensure that the artwork captures the beauty and sentiment of that location. Please feel free to share more details about your chosen location, and we can discuss the commission process further.

May Watercolour Challenge

Following my April 2020 Caricature Challenge in the subsequent month I decided to create a series of watercolours referencing my favourite places visited. I feel it is a delightful way to celebrate and share the beauty of these locations.


From the rugged coastline of Cornwall to the serene landscapes of the far North of Scotland, my artwork not only captures the physical beauty of these places but also the emotional connections and memories associated with them.


Sharing these watercolours is a wonderful way to allow others to experience the joy and charm of these spots, even if you can't visit in person. Art has a unique power to transport us to different places and times, and your project clearly accomplishes this beautifully. It's a gift to everyone who gets to enjoy the fruits of your creative efforts.

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