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Special Events


Turning Events into Cartooned Celebrations

Birthdays are milestones, and what better way to celebrate them than with a touch of whimsy and creativity? I can transform your Special Event into an engaging and lively affair, offering a memorable experience that leaves everyone with a smile.

Birthday Guests as Artful Creations

Cartoons and Caricatures bring a unique dimension to your birthday party. Your guests, of all ages, become the stars of their own artistic creations. As they sit for a portrait, the room buzzes with anticipation and excitement, creating a sense of unity and fun.

Expressing Personalities in Every Stroke

The beauty of caricatures lies in their ability to capture the essence of a person's personality in a playful, exaggerated way. Whether it's a jovial uncle, a spirited child, or the birthday girl or boy themselves, caricatures can express their individuality and bring laughter to the occasion. Whether you're hosting a themed party or simply want a fun and artistic addition, my work can be personalized to suit your vision.

Mementos to Cherish

These artistic creations aren't just entertainment; they also serve as treasured mementos. Many choose to frame and display their caricatures at home, serving as a lasting reminder of a memorable birthday gathering and the people who made it special.

Laughter and Artistry in One

Drawing cartoons and caricatures at Events is more than just creating art; it's about infusing the event with laughter and a sense of delight. It's a unique way to celebrate another year of life and create joyful memories.

Make your next celebration an artistic and whimsical experience. With you, I can add a touch of creativity to the festivities and turn your gathering into a memorable, laughter-filled occasion.

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Live Cartoons and Caricatures

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Neil G Smith

Arttoon Cartoons and Caricatures


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