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A Space of Inspiration

While my studio can be virtually anywhere, I invite you to experience the heart of my creativity at Studio 5. This is where I truly come to life, and where the magic of my work unfolds. Located in East Kilbride, Studio 5 is a hub of inspiration, innovation, and artistic excellence.

So, whether you choose to visit me at Studio 5 or bring my services to your preferred location, I am here to turn your ideas into reality. My versatile approach ensures that your creative vision can thrive in any setting. I look forward to sharing the journey with you, wherever you may be.

Studio 5 the home of Neil G Smith Art
Celtic Girl Arttoon Illustration by Neil G Smith
Introducing Live Video Drawings


Experience the magic of art in real-time with my Live Video Drawings. Now, you can connect with me via video call and watch as I create a live cartoon or caricature right before your eyes. It's a personalized and interactive way to bring your artistic vision to life.

How It Works

To get started, simply contact me via mobile at 07910 382607. We'll work together to set up a pre-arranged time for your sitting. You can choose your preferred video call service, including WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.

Artistry in the Digital Age

With Live Video Drawings, distance is no longer a barrier to artistic expression. Whether you're near or far, we can connect through the screen and craft a unique piece of art that captures your essence. It's a creative and convenient way to enjoy the magic of live art, right from the comfort of your own space.

Contact me today to schedule your Live Video Drawing session and witness the transformation of your ideas into art in real-time.

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