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Cartoons and Caricatures by Neil G Smith
International Society of Caricature Artists
Cartoons and Caricatures at Largs Comic Con
Amazing Amazon Cartoons and Caricatures by Neil G Smith
Cartoons and Caricatures by Neil G Smith
Parties and Fun Events


Add the fun factor and create an Icebreaker for any occasion. From the Young to the Old everyone will enjoy a Cartoon or Caricature.


My Cartoons and Caricatures, get any Party going!

Pictured above is a drawing from a Comic Con, a fun Event where Cos Players dressed as their favourite Comic Book Character or Super Hero. 


Watch some videos on my YouTube Channel


The Rebels at Loch Lomond Comic Con 2017
Jack Sparrow enjoying EK Comic Con 2018
Darth Drawing Cartoons and Caricatures
Corporate Events


With years of experience dealing with Corporate Clients you will be delighted with my Entertainment and Pictures. You can hire me for pretty much any occasion.


If you represent a Shopping Mall, Call Centre, Factory or any Commercial Premises, I will bring Pad and Pen along to your venue. Armed ready for some great Arttoon Cartoons and Caricatures.


Small talk is my thing and while I am drawing your Colleagues Free Picture we will have fun with a little bit of "Banter" thrown in.


Great fun for you and the team.


Recent Clients include

Amazon UK

The Tour of Britain


Durham University

MacB Water

South Lanarkshire College

St Andrews University

Train in The Ring

Lloyds TSB, Glasgow

Tesco Call Centre, Dundee


....many others.

Team Building and Arttoon Creative Club

Want more than just pictures.


With years of experience as an Art Tutor I can offer something a little different. You can hire me for General Art Workshops.


Art is great Therapy and Relaxes the mind.


You can have me along to any Corporate Weekend and I will get your Colleagues drawing and painting by the end of the Weekend, "a Budding Banksy". 


Events include


Arttoon Creative Club

Water Colour

Acrylic Painting

General Art

Resin Painting


Learn how to Draw Cartoons and Caricatures.

Story Boarding.


....pretty much anything Art!

Cartoons and Caricatures at Food Festival in Edinburgh
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