A selection of Photography

Photography is a passion of mine and I originally trained in the subject back in the 90s. After participating in a series of workshops during School and College my interest kept growing until now I Tutor 4 different Photography Classes.


I use elements of photography in my paintings, a camera phone sometimes acts like my Sketchbook.


From wide open Seascapes or Landscapes or footage from my Drone you can see these influences in my paintings. Check out some great photography Competitions here.

Gallery Pages

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Elie and Earlsferry

Glasgow new images for March 2022

San Francisco new images for March 2022

Yosemite new images for March 2022

Photography Projects

Here is a list of ideas for New Photography Projects.


 1. Portraits

Family and Friends, be creative with your shots and capture those candid pictures during their everyday routine.

What's it like to be a Parent or even a Grand Parent, photos of the nearest and dearest.

Animals and Pets.

Self Portraits.

2. At Play

People playing sport or just hanging about.

3. Nature Shots

4. People in Uniform and at Work



1. The Seasons

Each Season has their power shots Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

2. Landscapes

3. Seascapes

4. Street Photography

5. Decay

6. Then and Now

An interesting subject, looking at photos from the past and then the same 

subject now.

Interesting Subjects

1. Colour Wheel

What a great subject for Photographs or even a way to organise them all. Look at all the different Colours in the Spectrum.

2. Motion Blur

3. Bokeh Effect (The Bucky Effect)

4. Reflections

Capture interesting photos of Reflective Surfaces using Glass and Water.

5. Distortion

A step further would be to observe the distortion of objects, creating the abstract and obscure.

6. Lighting Effects

7. Letters

The Environment

1. Man's Impact on the World

2. Man Made and Industrial

From Planes, Trains and Automobiles to New Technology and Gadgets.

3. The Texture, Pattern, Obscure and just Strange!

new images for April 2022

Close Up

1. Macro Shots

2. Still Life

3. Texture

4. Pattern


More ideas to come....


You can see more of my work on my YouTube Channel in the Photography Playlist. Below are a few sample Videos.

2014-07-20 11.51.47.jpg


In the Gallery section you can see a range of photographs I have taken with my Camera Phone and my Digital SLR. I use a Huawai P20 with a Leica Lens and a Nikon D5300 with a variety of Lenses.

Check out some of the special Projects I have created for my Photography Classes.


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Bike Rack
Bike Rack

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