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Photography by Neil G Smith

Photography has always been a deeply cherished passion of mine, and my journey in this art form began in the 1990s when I initially received formal training. This interest steadily grew as I actively engaged in workshops during my school and college years.


Today, I'm thrilled to share my passion for photography and has led me to the role of tutoring two distinct photography classes. I have the privilege of nurturing and sharing my expertise with aspiring photographers.

In an exciting development for 2023, I'm delighted to offer my photography for purchase through website, providing both digital downloads and prints. This new opportunity allows photography enthusiasts and art lovers alike to bring a piece of my creative vision into their lives, making it accessible to a wider audience. The images reflect my enduring passion for the medium, and I'm eager to see how they resonate with those who choose to acquire them. This venture is a significant step in my photographic journey, and I'm excited to continue sharing my artistic perspective with the world.

Have a look at my Project Page and some ideas for creating great pictures, a few of my favourites are BokehLighting EffectsMotion Blur and Alphabet Photography.

This is me with my first SLR
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