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The Beauty in a Country Park

Calderglen Country Park, lies to the south east of East Kilbride, holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. This enchanting park stands as the most frequented attraction within the South Lanarkshire Council, drawing over a million visitors each year. At its core lies the breath taking Conservatory and Zoo, a captivating oasis of nature, where both young and old can revel in the wonders of the animal kingdom and the lush greenery.

As a testament to the park's unique charm, I've had the privilege of capturing its beauty through the lens of my camera. In the gallery, you'll find a selection of my favorite shots, each frame a visual love letter to Calderglen's serene landscapes, its vibrant flora, and the captivating creatures that call the park home.


It's a place where nature thrives, memories are made, and the bonds between the community and the environment are nurtured. Calderglen Country Park truly embodies the natural wonders of East Kilbride, offering an ever-inspiring canvas for photographers and a cherished sanctuary for all who wander through its gates.

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