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The real-life embodiments of superheroes, a deep commitment to achieving greatness.

My paintings of sporting heroes, much like real-life superheroes, are a celebration of the remarkable individuals who inspire us on and off the field. In my art, I strive to capture the essence of these athletes who possess extraordinary dedication, strength, and resilience, just as iconic comic book heroes do.


Whether it's the determination etched on an American Footballers face, the skill of a Rugby Player celebrating success, or the triumphant spirit of a championship-winning UCF Fighter, my work seeks to reveal the superhuman qualities that elevate these athletes to the status of legends.


Through vibrant colours and dynamic brushwork, I bring to life the stories of these sporting heroes, reminding us that in their incredible achievements, we find real-life superheroes who inspire us to push our own limits and reach for the extraordinary.

Cooper Kupp
Andrew Robertson
Jimmy Johnstone
Jonny Gray
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