Heatwave Exhibition

A Festival of Cartoon and Caricature

#East Kilbride Art Centre #Heatwave 2018

Proud to have been asked to create an Exhibition called Heatwave for the first Cartoon and Caricature Festival commissioned by East Kilbride Arts Council.

The Heatwave Exhibition was the culmination of a Competition for local Schools in South Lanarkshire. They were asked to draw Cartoons and Caricatures, you can see their pictures on show with 4 winners chosen to be painted as Large Banners. The Large Banners were painted by Strathaven Academy, Calderglen High School and my Wednesday Teen Art Class, they were all invited to assist during the EKSF which was held at East Kilbride Art Centre on the 23rd and 24th June.

The first part of the show was created by The Happy Scribblers who are a group who meet on a Monday morning and write about funny experiences they have had and create comical stories. You can see Illustrations commissioned by East Kilbride Art Council to compliment the Stories in the Slideshow.

The final part of the Show is the Cartoons and Caricatures created by Local Artists from the Area. Professional and from Local Classes.

Please Pop Down to see the Show and THE BANNERS WILL BE GOING ON TOUR!

Cartoon and Caricature Festival
Heatwave 1 BW
Heatwave 1
Heatwave 2 BW
Heatwave 2
Heatwave 3 BW
Heatwave 3
Heatwave 4 BW
Heatwave 4
Heatwave Wall 1
Heatwave Wall 2
Heatwave Wall 3
Heatwave Exhibition 4
Heatwave Exhibition 3
Heatwave Exhibition 2
Heatwave Exhibition 1
Happy Scribblers 1
Happy Scribblers 2 and 3
Happy Scribblers 6 and 7
Happy Scribblers 4 and 5
Happy Scribblers 8
Arttoon 1