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The Heatwave Exhibition

A vibrant celebration of the art of cartoons and caricatures
Heatwave marked a significant milestone as the first Cartoon and Caricature Festival commissioned by East Kilbride Arts Council. This exhibition was a testament to the creative spirit that thrives in the community.

At its heart, Heatwave was a showcase of talent, with local schools in South Lanarkshire participating in a competition that called for the creation of captivating cartoons and caricatures. The resulting artwork, the fruits of these young minds, adorned the gallery walls, where four exceptional pieces were selected to be transformed into striking, large banners.

The task of bringing these banners to life was taken up by the gifted students of Strathaven Academy, Calderglen High School, and a dedicated Wednesday Teen Art Class, who lent their artistic prowess to this ambitious project during the East Kilbride Summer Festival.


The exhibition, however, was not limited to the brilliance of the youth. The Happy Scribblers, a group of storytellers who congregate every Monday morning to craft amusing tales of their personal experiences, contributed their part to the show. Their engaging narratives came to life through delightful illustrations, thoughtfully commissioned by East Kilbride Art Council, adding an extra layer of depth to the storytelling.

The final chapter of this exhibition featured the exceptional works of local artists, both professional and those from local art classes, who showcased their creative flair through a captivating array of cartoons and caricatures.

As the Heatwave Exhibition enthralled its viewers, it was clear that the art of humour knows no age or boundaries, and the enthusiasm to share comical stories and visuals was palpable. We invited everyone to visit the show and experience the magic of cartoons and caricatures, knowing that these incredible banners would embark on a tour to spread their artistic spirit even further.

This festival was a true testament to the creative energy that courses through East Kilbride, and it's a testament to the power of art to unite and inspire.

Cartoon and Caricature Festival
Heatwave 1 BW
Heatwave 1
Heatwave 2 BW
Heatwave 2
Heatwave 3 BW
Heatwave 3
Heatwave 4 BW
Heatwave 4
Heatwave Wall 1
Heatwave Wall 2
Heatwave Wall 3
Heatwave Exhibition 4
Heatwave Exhibition 3
Heatwave Exhibition 2
Heatwave Exhibition 1
Happy Scribblers 1
Happy Scribblers 2 and 3
Happy Scribblers 6 and 7
Happy Scribblers 4 and 5
Happy Scribblers 8
Arttoon 1
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