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Loudoun Hill


This painting of Loudoun Hill bursts into a symphony of vivid colors that capture the essence of this historic Scottish landmark.


The hill itself rises majestically from the earth, its rugged contours painted in deep, rich hues of emerald and jade, with shadows of purple adding depth and dimension to its ancient slopes. The sky above is a dramatic canvas of fiery yellows, oranges, blues and purples, as the setting sun casts its last rays across the scene. Wisps of pink and crimson clouds streak across the horizon, creating a breathtaking contrast against the intense blues of the twilight sky.


At the base of the hill, the fields are awash with a patchwork of vibrant greens and yellows. In the distance, the silhouettes of ancient trees stand tall, their dark forms outlined against the kaleidoscope of the sky. The entire scene is alive with color and movement, from the bold, striking tones of the landscape to the subtle interplay of light and shadow that gives the painting its dynamic energy.


My depiction of Loudoun Hill is a celebration of color and life, capturing the spirit and beauty of this iconic location in a vivid and captivating way.




This picture can qualifiy for the Made Possible scheme with the purchase of another item. For all overseas purchases please in the first instance.


Loudoun Hil

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    Made Possible is a Creative United initiative supported by National Lottery funds from Creative Scotland.

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