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St Andrews Harbour


My painting of St Andrews Harbour captures the tranquil charm of this historic spot, with a small fishing boat taking center stage.


The boat, adorned with vibrant blues, sits serenely on the shimmering water, which reflects the vivid hues of the sky above. The harbour's stone walls, rendered in warm, earthy tones, provide a sturdy frame for the scene, while the soft sand bank guides your eye towards the boat. The sky is a brilliant expanse of blues, pinks, and purples, suggesting either a tranquil dawn or a peaceful dusk.


This painting not only highlights the simple beauty of the small fishing boat but also evokes a sense of nostalgia and calm, celebrating the timeless allure of St Andrews Harbour.




This picture can qualifiy for the Made Possible scheme with the purchase of another item. For all overseas purchases please in the first instance.

St Andrews Harbour

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    Made Possible is a Creative United initiative supported by National Lottery funds from Creative Scotland.

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