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The Kissing Trees


In my painting of The Kissing Trees in Fife, near Kirkcaldy, the scene is imbued with a sense of serene romance and natural beauty.


The two ancient trees stand intertwined with their gnarled branches reaching out towards one another, as if in a timeless embrace. The setting for this piece is early spring accentuating the raw beauty of each branch and twig as the dappled sunlight filters through to create a mosaic of light and shadow on the ground below. The trunks, rendered in rich browns, jagged shape telling a story of years gone by. The sky above is a tranquil expanse of pale blue, with gentle, wispy clouds drifting lazily across it.




This picture can qualifiy for the Made Possible scheme with the purchase of another item. For all overseas purchases please in the first instance.

My painting captures the tranquil and enduring beauty of The Kissing Trees, evoking a sense of timeless connection and harmony with nature.

The Kissing Trees

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    Made Possible is a Creative United initiative supported by National Lottery funds from Creative Scotland.

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