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The West Sands


My painting of the West Sands of St Andrews beside the Old Course encapsulates the timeless charm and natural beauty of this iconic Scottish location.


The expansive beach stretches out in a golden arc, its sands glowing under the gentle sunlight. The tranquil waters of the North Sea lap softly against the shore, reflecting the clear blue sky and the occasional wisp of a white cloud. The historic clubhouse and surrounding buildings stand proudly in the distance, their storied presence adding a sense of depth and history to the scene.


This painting not only captures the serene and majestic landscape of the West Sands but also celebrates the harmonious coexistence of natural splendor and golfing heritage at St Andrews.




2 rare sizes available 100x50cm and 120x60cm


This picture can qualifiy for the Made Possible scheme with the purchase of another item. For all overseas purchases please in the first instance.

The West Sands

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    Made Possible is a Creative United initiative supported by National Lottery funds from Creative Scotland.

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