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My painting of the West Wycombe Estate captures the enchanting beauty of its picturesque lake and the intriguing folly that stands nearby. The Original was created when competed in Sky Landscape Artist of the Year in 2020.


The calm, reflective waters of the lake serve as the focal point, mirroring the lush greenery and vibrant foliage that surrounds it. The folly, an elegant structure with timeless architectural features, is depicted with meticulous detail.


Sunlight filters through the canopy of trees, casting dappled shadows and illuminating the scene with a warm, golden glow. The gentle ripples on the lake and the play of light and shadow create a sense of movement and tranquility.


This painting not only highlights the natural beauty and historic charm of the West Wycombe Estate but also evokes a sense of peace and timelessness, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the picturesque landscape and enjoy the moment of competing in Artist of the Year.




2 rare sizes available 100x50cm and 120x60cm


This picture can qualifiy for the Made Possible scheme with the purchase of another item. For all overseas purchases please in the first instance.

West Wycombe Estate

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    Made Possible is a Creative United initiative supported by National Lottery funds from Creative Scotland.

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